What are the benefits of chestnut skin? Making of chestnut mask

In winter, the smell of all the streets wrapped around 7 to 70, everyone loves to eat at the same time, among the healthy foods of the season, chestnut skin appeared to have many benefits. You can find the unknown benefits of chestnuts, which the experts found on the skin after their research, in our news today.

Chestnut, which is one of the street tastes, is a complete fiber, mineral, good fatty acids, vitamins, nutrients and antioxidant stores. Among the most preferred foods in winter, chestnut, which is at the top of the list, has many benefits in terms of body health, but did you know that it makes the skin beautiful and perfect? According to recent research, 1 chestnut or regular chestnut mask consumed every day eliminates many skin problems. Chestnuts, which gathered everyone in the evening tea time with its smell and mild taste, gathered everyone in the evening tea time and attracted the attention of the cosmetic world.

Benefits of chestnut

Thanks to the minerals in chestnut, it easily reduces edema or swelling of the skin. When you bring the chestnut into puree and apply it to the skewer zone, you will notice the change in a short time.

  • A sufficient amount of chestnut, toxins from the body by throwing the skin to look young and bright helps. Thanks to its detox effect, it eliminates the tired appearance of the skin by fighting free radicals.
chestnut mask

According to the information received from beauty experts; chestnut, which strengthens the elastic feature in the lower layer of the skin, retards the aging of the skin.

  • An anti-inflammatory food source of chestnut mask to make the skin look easy to dry the acne.
  • It is also the information received by specialist doctors to remove stains after measles.



1 coffee pot up to water
3 raw chestnuts
1 tablespoon honey
1 tbsp almond oil
1 teaspoon of milk

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Boil the chestnuts in boiling water. Then make the chestnuts puree. Mix well by adding other ingredients.

Massage your skin with your fingertips for 15 minutes.

You can rinse with warm water.

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