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Hair colors in the new season

The hair colors that change every year will be seen in 2019 as cool. If you want to keep up with the fashion of the season and create a new style for yourself, you can experience jet black, ashy yellow, living coral or snow gray hair colors that will take place in the new year. Here are the details of the news …

In 2018 we saw many colors from pink to bronde, from yellow ombres to reds. But now it’s time to say goodbye to all these colors. In the new year, there will be changes in hair colors as many things change in clothes or shoes. It was announced by news fashion icons and beauticians that dark hair color lovers will be delighted this year. So what are the hair colors going to be popular in 2019? All the details …


As in every season, black is one of the striking colors in 2019 as well. Cool and cool looks like the focus of the women will be the focus. You will also like it because it is compatible with black hair, wheat and brown skins, which are well known for the trend of the famous glass hairstyle.


The light orange Living Coral, which will always make you look younger and is very suitable for white skins, will be a favorite for hair in the new year.


One of the new favorites of the new year, the platinum is a twinkle of white, and the snow gray is one of the highlights of many fashion weeks. It will be a favorite of women with a cool style.

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Yellow hair lovers, but if you do not want to use it because it is artificial stands in 2019, you can try the color of the ashy yellow which will bring a lot of sound. What’s more, you’ll make you look well-groomed, even with a light yellow make-up that will make you look younger than you are.

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