44 Nice Dreadlock Hairstyles & The right way to Don Them (MEN & WOMEN)

There are hairstyles which were in existence since olden days, and dreadlocks are considered one of them. This type might be traced again to the Jamaican music scene, reggae to be very particular. It was a well-liked facet of the Rastafarian root for each men and women alike. Additionally it is very typical to international locations like Indian and Egypt, and lots of people have argued that these two locations had been really the place they originated from.

Dreadlocks hairstyles of at the moment are nevertheless suited to suit at the moment’s vogue, nevertheless, among the traditional ones are nonetheless donned as retro vogue.

Nonetheless, on this very insightful article, we’re going to clarify the forty-four of those dreadlock types and the way they are often donned to be very trendy and enticing. A few of them are from the previous occasions, and others are from our modern-day fashions.

 Basic Dreadlock Type

Instagram / @BOBMARLEY

These are the primary set of dreadlock hairstyles donned in previous occasions. An instance of that is the one donned by reggae star Bob Marley and different iconic figures. These dreadlock types are nonetheless in vogue up until date, particularly amongst males.

Braided Fishbone Dreads

Braided Fishbone Dreads - Dreadlocks Hairstyles For Men

This can be a very complicated dreadlock type, and also you would possibly want the assistance of a really skilled and skillful hairstylist that will help you with this. When accomplished by professionals, the braided and fishbone locks are normally very lovable, bringing out the great thing about the particular person sporting it.

Double Strand Twist Dread

Double Strand Twist Dread - Dreadlocks Hairstyles For Men

This is among the greatest methods to rock dread. The double strands might be of any size and any shade that you simply selected. You may make use of hair attachments you probably have very brief hairs. The double strand dread coiffure is among the fashionable dread hairstyles.

Ombre Lock Types

Ombre Lock Styles - Dreadlocks Hairstyles For Men

With the ombre type, you may make dreadlocks of assorted colours, mixing them collectively to go well with what you need. The completely different colours can be locked together with your pure hair, making it look extra lovable. It may be sported by men and women, however principally females.

Free Forming Dreadlock Types

Free Forming Dreadlock Styles For Men

Free forming Dreadlock types are a number of dreads however in shorter varieties. Therefore they are often accomplished with pure hairs. Males principally preserve hair for this goal, and it can be tagged as neglect hair dreadlocks.

Excessive Prime Dreads

High Top Dreads Styles For Men

This can be a type that’s principally used for very lengthy hairstyles, so you probably have very lengthy dreads, and so they make you inconvenient of getting in your method whereas performing some actions, you possibly can as nicely flip them into excessive prime dreads by folding them into completely different types. This type is usually utilized by males.

The Undercut Dreadlock Type

The Undercut Dreadlock Style For Men

This can be a dreadlock type that’s particularly for males. It entails donning a dread and trimming the perimeters of dreadlock. The undercut however be a really clear lower, and even on each side. It normally brings out the manly look and is among the modern-day dreadlock hairstyles.

Dreadlock Braid Types

Dreadlock Braid Styles

That is the mix of braids and dreadlocks and might be accomplished by each men and women. The primary a part of the hair on the top is just braided, whereas the opposite elements are left to circulation freely like a standard dread coiffure.

Mid Again Dread Types

Mid Back Dread Styles For Men

This can be a method to preserve very prolonged dreadlocks. The dreads are styled in such a method that their course is in direction of the again. That is accomplished by fastidiously paying consideration and braiding the a part of the hair that’s on the top, and adjusting the flowing ones into bigger braid types.

Prolonged Locks Dread types

Lengthy Locks Dread styles For Men

This sort of dread is nicely braided in such a method that they are often comfortably worn in varied types. They are often made to be both very thick or very skinny to only the shoulder size, in order to not fall on faces. This feature may very well be appropriate for each women and men.

Flat Dreadlock Types

Flat Dreadlock Styles For Men

That is very brief dread types that don’t fall off from the hair and might be mixed with very stunning hairstyles. That is principally accomplished by males and the dread are in a flat top-like vogue. One of many benefits of one of these dread type is that it may be simply managed and maintained.

Very Lengthy Dreadlocks Hairstyles

Very Long Dreadlocks Hairstyles For Men

Such a dread type is extraordinarily lengthy, typically as much as the size of the knee. The benefit of that is you could later modify them to a different sort of dread types. Nonetheless, sustaining them can show to be very troublesome, and one must be cautious with one of these dread type, in order to not get the hair caught whereas performing varied actions.

Company Dread Lock Types for Males

Corporate Dread Lock Styles for Men

This dreadlock type might be donned to places of work and workplaces within the skilled world. Largely males make use of this type once they can not afford to lose their dreads as a result of work conditions. The hair is completed by braiding the highest very tightly and wrapping the remaining into a really sharp bum simply above the neck.

Medium Size Dreadlocks

Medium Length Dreadlocks Hairstyles For Men

This dread type is of the right size, not too lengthy and never too brief. It appears to be like very respectable with the reasonable size, which makes it very straightforward for it to be managed and maintained. Women and men could make use of this dread type.

Intricate Dread Type

Intricate Dread Style
Instagram / @LOCSBYROXIE

This can be a dread type that mixes varied braid types with twisted types. This coiffure is a really inventive one and is usually accomplished by individuals with very broad imaginations, nevertheless, it’s nicely suggested that you simply communicate with a hair skilled if you wish to do this type of dread coiffure.


Taper Fade Dread Types

Taper Fade Dread Styles

This dread type is completed with a neat undercut and taper fade dreadlock types in such a method that it may be used to high school or varied workplaces identical to the company dreadlock type. The type is usually utilized by males.

Double Braided Dread Types

Double Braided Dread Styles

For double braided coiffure, the hair must be contoured first earlier than neatly braiding it. The hair might be styled in such a method that the dread can be very lengthy principally as much as the shoulder stage or to relaxation simply on the again.

Shaven Aspect Dread Type

Shaven Side Dread Hairstyles For Men

For individuals who don’t need to have an undercut with the dread, however nonetheless desires it to be nicely formed, that is essentially the most appropriate type for this goal. It’s extra appropriate for males, with the entrance and the again facet neatly shaven to take the form you actually need.

Woven Dreadlocks

Woven Dreadlocks

These dreadlock type is usually accomplished to the shoulder size, however are styled very nicely simply on the prime. The strands are equally woven in such a method that the remaining dread will naturally be on the shoulder stage. It can be accomplished as colourful dreads to look extra enticing.

Two Toned Quick Dreads

Two Toned Short Dreads

That is accomplished with two barely completely different braid colours. Each dreads are interwoven and the colour distinction is usually unnoticeable. That is accomplished principally as very brief dreads, however can be accomplished to be fairly prolonged.

Quick Styled Dreads

Short Styled Dreads Hairstyles For Men

This dread type is a traditional one from the early nineties however remains to be in vogue until date. It’s merely lengthy dread styled to be very brief and is a really typical type from the reggae scene of the previous time.

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Afro Dreadlocks

Afro Dreadlocks Hairstyles For Men
Instagram / @THEWEEKND

This can be a very sensible method of retaining the dreadlock type. It may be accomplished by leaving your hair naturally to kind the afros and the dread. Largely accomplished by males, it is among the most fashionable dread hairstyles on the market at the moment.

Braided Dread Types for Males

Braided Dread Styles for Men

For braided dread types, you received’t need to make use of locks, simply merely braiding the dread is sufficient. Nonetheless, this can’t be accomplished by everyone, because it requires the service of a hair skilled to make it look actually stylish.

Mohawk Dread Types

Mohawk Dread Hairstyles For Men

This dreadlock type doesn’t take the type of the rebellious Mohawk type by way of the varied method that the dreads are formed. The undercut may be very edgy, to guarantee that the look is admittedly established. It’s a very complicated type, and you’ll have to rent an expert to do it efficiently.

Half Braided Dread Hairstyles

Half Braided Dread Hairstyles For Men

That is for individuals who don’t like the thought of a completely donned dreadlock type. The thought behind that is the mix of the dread with different easy hairstyles. The dread might both be locked or just braided, so long as it suits very nicely.

Skinny Dreadlocks Type

Thin Dreadlocks Style

That is principally accomplished by males once they completely ignore the type of broad or thick braids and go for very skinny and braid types which may very well be very brief or very lengthy, thus far it brings the good-looking look that the man so craves.

Straightforward Dreadlock Types

Easy Dreadlock Styles

This dread type may be very straightforward and easy to do, all you must do is use one or two of the locks to wrap everything of the dreads. It entails very much less stress however remains to be a really stunning dread type to don.

Dreadlocks Pompadours

Dreadlocks Pompadours

This is among the oldest-fashioned dread types, and folks nonetheless don it as retro vogue in our world at the moment. The dreads are exquisitely styled to appear to be a pompadour and are additionally coloured. You may have an undercut should you want to. It will make it flashier.

Half up and Half Down Dreadlocks

Half up and Half Down Dreadlocks

This type might be accomplished for these with very brief dreadlocks and in addition these with lengthy ones. You may wrap the dread to strands with assistance from a hair tie. Additionally it is a method you could be utilized in company jobs.

The three Components Dread Type

The 3 Parts Dread Style

That is using three completely different half braids and might be accomplished by each women and men equally. If nicely accomplished by an expert, it may be very intriguing. The type can also be fairly just like that of half braided dreadlocks.

Twisted Again Braided Type

Twisted Back Braided Style

This type is an excellent match for males. The highest of the hair is plaited to appear to be a cornrow. Be sure that the highest is tightly braided, and in addition twisted to suit the type completely. The remainder of the locks can then be wrapped neatly.

Giant Fishtail Locks

Large Fishtail Locks Hairstyles For Men

This type is braiding the dread to appear to be a fishtail. For this type, it is vital that you’ve got extraordinarily prolonged dread braids. The type provides extra quantity to the hair, and in addition makes it’s neat and properly packed.

Pulled up Dread Type

Pulled up Dread Style

This is among the most stunning varieties of dreadlock type particularly when it’s accomplished by an expert. The dread is properly packed on the very prime, and there’s a neat undercut shave to make the highest extra seen and alluring.

Lengthy Locks Fake Hawks

Long Locks Faux Hawks

This type entails shaping the dread to appear to be a hawk. As a matter of truth, it’s like imitating the Mohawk look, however in contrast to the Mohawk look, you’ll have to shave the beneath path to carry out the hawk form clearly.

Small Undercuts with Very Lengthy Dreads

Small Undercuts with Very Long Dreads

For this type, you’ll have to gently shave the inches round every dread, and you may be amazed at how stunning the haircut will appear to be. The undercut normally has such because the superb impression on the final outlook, and it’s appropriate for each brief and lengthy dreads

Crown Dreadlock Types

Crown Dreadlock Styles

This dread type wants the arms {of professional} service on it, and it additionally takes very lengthy hours to type. Nonetheless, the result’s normally very excellent, with the hair having a crown-like form. It may be donned by women and men

Locks Updos

Locks Updos Hairstyles For Men

This can be a very versatile dreadlock type that may be worn in any surroundings. It merely entails a everlasting updo in your dreadlock type and might be donned by each women and men.

Tight Braided Lock Types

Tight Braided Lock Hairstyles For Men

This is among the most fashionable dread hairstyles on the market. The braid begins with 2 at both facet of the hair, earlier than connecting them and the again to make it 4. The look may be very alluring and brings out the great thing about the particular person donning it.

Lengthy Locks with Hats

Long Locks with Hats

You may all the time tie up your lengthy dreads in such a method that when they’re accessorized, you possibly can put on a hat to make the look flashier. This may be worn with a fabric to match, and most males make use of this trendy.

Wrapped Dread Types

Wrapped Dread Styles

That is using head wrap as an adjunct for packing the air stylishly. You may select to cowl everything of the hair in a really full wrap, ensuring that your face is left freely. It’s a very exceptional vogue type particularly for males when sporting an identical outfit with the wrapped materials.

Giant Undercuts with Twisted Locks

Large Undercuts with Twisted Locks

This can be a method to define the dread types, and it’s used particularly by males. The undercut makes this type to be very trendy and admiring. This is among the fashionable days dread type look and is a really cool one to do.

Informal Dread Type

Casual Dread Style

That is the formation of assorted dread type on one single hair. You may have easy braids, locks and free-form dreads on a single hair. You can even fold some ahead or backward. It’s a very attention-grabbing type for individuals who need to strive new issues out.

Combined Dreadlock Types

Mixed Dreadlock Styles

For these with naturally straight hair, this dread type is essentially the most appropriate for them. You may have  a combined dread look in your hair in such a method that it appears to be like very enticing. It’s a type that’s principally utilized by males.

The Weekend Dread Type

The Weekend Dread Hairstyles For Men
Instagram / @THEWEEKND

This type is known as a result of R&B music star, the weekend and the dreadlocks are in an asymmetrical place. You may look to mimic that, as it’s a very lovable dreadlock look, nevertheless, it may very well be onerous to take care of the coiffure.[td_smart_list_end]


It’s Vital to get a succesful hairstylist for these types. It’s because dreadlocks hairstyles will solely look superb when styled by an expert, they’re merely  in contrast to different random hairstyles.

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