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20 pants of the 60s and 70s For Males

The 60s and 70s fashion retro style is being re-released today by many designers. Young and middle-aged women and men has become the center of attention in old clothing pants models are important. In this article, we take you back to the old ones and we share what kind of trousers men wear 50 years ago. In both 60s and 70s, wide-leg trousers were preferred. Therefore, most of the models we share are sure to enjoy this style. Because we are sure that these pictures will take us to the old ones for a moment will touch you and your parents.

1. Qıj Pant

2. Parlq Pant

3. Cinculaq Pant Style

4. Hesin Style

5. Hesin and Zar Pant Style

6. Siur Pant Style

7. Cinculak Mixed Color Style

8. Lether Style

9. Anatolian Style

10. Jean

11. Square Straight Pant

12. Brown Color Straight

13. Square Colourful

14. Green

15. Brown

16. Magic Club Style



19. Club/Disco

20. Army Style

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